Hydrostat for SM-511

Hydrostatic release device for SM – 511 (COSPAS-SARSAT certificate #№ 96) State Designer's Bureau of Radio-communication. Hydrostate for SM– 511-world’s first compatible collet hydrostat for float-free 406 MHz EPIRB was designed by department of former engineer Vladimir Shchegolev in 1995. This device is complete analog to ЕВ-10 EPIRB’s hydrostats manufactured by Saracom (COSPAS-SARSAT certificate #94) which are also used in EPIRB EB-20, EB-20 SVDR Capsule (COSPAS-SARSAT certificate #182).

Hydrostat can be used for float-free EPIRB ЕВ-10 EB-20 and EB-20 SVDR Capsule (Saracom, Korea).


- Complies with the latest SOLAS and IMO resolutions and COSPAS-SARSAT recommendations
- Compact size
- Two years service life after installing


- Weight: 75g
- Operating temperature: -40°C..+55°C
- Storage temperature: -40°C..+65°C
- Service life after installing: 2 years
- Operating deapth: 2..4 meters 

The Hydrostat needs no annual service, maintenance or spare parts.
You simply install a new one every two years and dispose of the old one.

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GALILEO REFERENCE BEACON GENERATOR BG-105/102 is high-precision simulator of Cospas-Sarsat emergency beacon messages.