EPIRB Tester Mini

Easy testing of the maritime emergency radio beacons operating via COSPAS-SARSAT system. It is really portable. Wi-Fi supported. Use your mobile phone or tablet to check the beacons and make IMO test reports.

TESTER is third generation device designed to check the maritime emergency radio beacons operating via COSPAS- SARSAT system such as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRBs). 

Tester is operating with any mobile phone or desktop PC by means of Wi-Fi connection. It is small and lightweight. 

Tests can be carried out in volume of annual test requirements or in volume of shore- based maintenance requirements under IMO resolutions or for fast check after beacon’s encoding or installation. 

Tester can receive the transmission from any 406MHz COSPAS- SARSAT beacon transmitting either in test mode or in real alert emergency mode. 

The signal can be received through the broadcast by means of antenna or the tester can be connected directly by means of cable through a suitable attenuator (option). 

The tester provides complete demodulation and decoding of any C/S message, measures frequencies and power levels. 

Since we have intent to create really small, lightweight and comfortable test solution the tester has no LCD or keyboard to control its operation. 

Instead we make it easy to connect the tester to almost any mobile phone (Android, IOS), tablet, PC, laptop to perform tests and create test reports in accordance with IMO shore-based or annual test volumes. 

The only things required are Wi-Fi support and any browser to interpret the tester messages. 

No drivers or any preliminary actions are required. Just take the tester, connect it to your phone by Wi-Fi, run the browser and make tests. 

The tester allows to perform:

  • -  reception, demodulation and decoding of the emergency information transmitted on channel 406MHz;

  • -  frequency measurement of 406MHz signal;

  • -  frequency measurement of 121.5MHz signal;

  • -  level measurement on 406MHz channel;

  • -  level measurement on 121.5MHz channel;

  • -  estimation of the positive/negative phase deviation of modulated signal;

  • -  measurement of total transmission time of 406MHz signal;

  • -  measurement of unmodulated carrier duration of 406MHz signal;

  • -  estimation of the equivalent radiated power of 406MHz signal through broadcast. 



- All 406MHz COSPAS-SARSAT protocols will be decoded
- Reception of the signal within the range of 406.020...406.040MHz frequencies, 121.5MHz
- Frequency/power level measurement
- Portable, Wi-Fi enabled
- Wi-Fi operated by any mobile or desktop device
- Long life/easy rechargeable lithium accumulator
- 1 year warranty


Brochure (version: 1; 14.02.2020; 6.0 Mb) Brochure with specification and technical data for Beacon Tester Mini.
User manual for Beacon Tester Mini Note: Limited access. Login for downloading the item.
Test reports (version: 1; 29.02.2016; 0.12 Mb) Test reports created by BEACON Tester Mini

Other Products

AIS Tester

AIS Tester is a test device operating on AIS1 (ch87B), AIS2(ch88B) and DSC(ch70) frequencies. The tester is designed under corresponding standards and recommendations as a tool of operation and installation tests of AIS unit (Automatic Identification System). The tests’ volume complies with “Guidelines on annual testing of the AIS unit MSC.1/Circ.1252”.

GMDSS Tester MRTS-7 (discontinued)

MF/HF/VHF DSC Marine Radio Test System (MRTS-7) is designed to check the MF/HF/VHF stations with DSC by means of SENDING/RECEIVING of DSC messages on all allowed frequencies. Besides of that Test system can be used as frequency meter and HF oscillator.

406MHz BEACON Tester

406MHz SARSAT BEACON TESTER is designed to check the maritime emergency radio beacons operating via COSPAS-SARSAT system such as Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRBs). Allows to perform annual testing according to requirements for shore-based maintenance under IMO Circular 10/40 and other resolutions requirements. Also allows fast check after beacon’s encoding or installation.

SART Tester (discontinued)

Device is discontinued and replaced by SART Tetser STU-1. The SART Tester was designed for check of any SART in accordance with the requirements of SOLAS - 74/88, and the Russian Marine Register rules M.628-2. The SART Tester allows to measure the carrier frequency of response in range of 9140...9560MHz.


GMDSS Multi Tester MRTS-7M is the first hand-held Multi Tester enabling the testing of all GMDSS equipment: AIS Stations, EPIRBs, VHF and MF/HF Radios with DSC, AIS-SART and NAVTEX. The cutting-edge software is compatible with all operation systems. Automatic generation of test reports for all the range of tested equipment. And all reports are in IMO-required format. Less paper work, more surveys!

SART Tester STU-1

This PC-operated device enables accurate measurement of 9GHz SART's parameters and makes a conclusion whether the SART is operable according to the IMO Resolution A.802(19) and SOLAS - 74/88. The STU-1 is very compact and lightweight test tool providing reliable check of any Radar-SART.
GMDSS Testers All in One



Our company has developed completely new maritime safety equipment AIS-SART Musson - 502A, which operates in A and B VHF AIS channels.

Also we manufacture float Free Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) under the IMO requirements for COSPAS-SARSAT system, a mandatory item in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System). Certified and type approved.



We offer special equipment that mainly used by laboratories or manufacturers for quality control in production.

High accuracy professional 406MHz BEACON Tester BT-611M indended to check beacon compliance with the requirements, specified in C/S doc. T.001, T.007. AIS-SART Tester Pro Lab Tester is device used for verification of AIS and AIS-SART parameters in real time.

GALILEO REFERENCE BEACON GENERATOR BG-105/102r is high-precision simulator of Cospas-Sarsat emergency beacon messages.