Quick Find 406

Quick Find 406 Float Free Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) complies with the IMO requirements for COSPAS-SARSAT system and is a mandatory item in the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress Safety System). It provides: quick identification, because each beacon has unique code, positioning to within one nautical mile with short response time At deapth of 4 meters the beacon is automatically activated to transmit distress signal (position and identity).

General Specification:

Message format: MMSI, Serialised, Call Sign
Programming: Easy remote programming
Temperature: Opearting: -30C to 55 Class 2
Storage: -50C to +70C
Battery: Lithium, to be replaced every five and a half years, 48 hours operation
Hydrostat: Hammar H20
Weight with bracket: 2,2 kg (Including the weight of Hammar 20)
Weight with bracket: 2,0 kg (EPIRB weight - 1kg, Bracket weight - 1kg)
Warranty period: 5 years

Technical Specification:

406MHz Transmitter
Frequency 406.028MHz+/-1kHz
Output Power 5 Watts +/-2dB
Modulation Biphase 1.1 +/-0.1 radians
Data Encoding Bi phase L
Antenna External vetical whip

121.5MHz Transmitter
Frequency 121.5MHz+/-3KHz
Output Power 50mW
Modulation AM, or sweep tone
Effective intencity >1 candela
Flash Rate <23 flashes per minute

Complies with IMO resolutions A662(16), A694(17), A810 (19)

Complies to COSPAS-SARSAT C.S.T.001 and T.007
Pending Wheel Mark Approval

Power Suplly Unit PSU-1
When ordering Quick Find 406, the following information must be submetted:
1. Identification serial number
2. MMSI code or Call sign depending on what protocol is prefered

Downloads are not currently avaliable

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