MF/HF/VHF DSC Marine Radio Test System (MRTS-7) is designed to check the MF/HF/VHF stations with DSC by means of SENDING/RECEIVING of DSC messages on all allowed frequencies. Besides of that Test system can be used as frequency meter and HF oscillator.

Tester allows to:

Send either GMDSS distress signal or selective test call to a particular MMSI on any of 6 distress frequencies on MF/HF as well as VHF

Transmit/receive DSC signals on the international calling frequencies 2177.0 and 2189.5kHz

Receive/check DSC signals on any of 6 distress frequencies on MF/HF/VHF

Measure the deviation of received signal on VHF

Measure and display the mark/space frequencies of the received DSC signal

Measure and display the transmitted and reflected power of received signal on VHF


All received and decoded DSC messages and all measured results can be viewed on LCD screen for later printout either directly to PC.

Tester is power supplied by external 12-28V DC source. Also tester can be connected to 100-240V AC/50-60Hz by adaptor.

Features and main operation modes:
1. "DSC SEND" mode
- GMDSS 'distress signal' on frequencies:
MF - 2187.5 kHz
HF - 4207.5;6312.0;8414.5;12577.0;16804.5 kHz
VHF - 156525 kHz
- Test message to MMSI addressed to a particular MMSI on frequencies
(Individual Call - Safety):
MF - 2187.5 kHz
HF - 4207.5;6312.0;8414.5;12577.0;16804.5 kHz
VHF - 156525 kHz
- TFC on international frequencies
(Individual Call - Routine):
MF - 2177.0;2189.5 kHz
HF - 4219.5;6331.0;8436.5;12657.0;16903.0 kHz
VHF - 156525 kHz
Built-in HF-attenuator allows to measure the receiver sensitivity of checked

2. "DSC RECEIVE" mode on following frequencies:
MF - 2187.5;2177.0;2189.5 kHz
HF - 4207.5;6312.0;8414.5;12577.0;16804.5 kHz
4219.5;6331.0;8436.5;12657.0;16903.0 kHz
VHF - 156525 kHz
The level of received signal is measured and displayed. The DSC message content can be decoded and viewed on LCD display. All test results can be stored for further printout or processing by PC.

3. "Frequency meter" mode.
Tester allows to measure the frequencies in range from 100kHz to 1000MHz at signal level of -30dBm/7.07mVrms till 20dBm/Vrms.

4. "LAB" mode
Tester allows to measure the frequency deviation on 6,8,17 VHF channels
Also tester can be used as HF-oscillator forming the signal in range of 1.5-200MHz with level of40dBuV till 106dBuV (100uV-200mV)
1000 МГц with level of signal  -30dBm/7,07mVrms till 20dBm/2,24Vrms.

Frequency measurements general:
+/-0.2ppm +/-1 digit
Frequency measurements Ch70:
+/-0.2 kHz
Output singnals:
Nominal frequency +/-0.2ppm
Frequency deviation measurements:
+/-0.5kHz (+/-0.1kHz at 5kHz)
Ambient temperature:
0 to 50 Deg.C
Storage temperature:
30- to +60 Deg.C
Weight: 2.5 kg


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