AIS-SART Musson - 505
AIS-SART Musson - 505

Our company has developed completely new maritime safety equipment AIS-SART Musson - 505, which will be necessary to be installed on every ship after 2011. The AIS-SART Musson - 505 operates in A nd B VHF channels of AIS (automatic identification system), inspite of standard search and rescue radar transponder operating in 9.2-9.5GHz. The new AIS-SART fully corresponds to IMO, SOLAS and GMDSS requirements. AIS-SART Musson 505 uses the built-in GPS module to send messages with coordinates of distress to near vessels' AIS.

The new device is look like SART Musson - 502 as this items have the same requirement in mechanical part. So, the AIS-SART Musson 505 took the case of well checked and used for long time SART Musson 502.


Technical specification of AIS-SART Musson - 505
Receiver:  built-in, 12 channel
Distress frequencies: A and B VHF channels of AIS
Operation time
- in stand by mode: 96 hours
- in active answer mode: 8 hours (after 96 hours of stand-by mode)
Power supply unit: Lithium, has no restrictions. 7V. To be replaced one time per 5.5 years
Operation temperature: -20 + 55C
Weight – 1 kg


The AIS-SART Musson - 505 corresponds to:standards IEC 60945, IEC 61097-1, IEC 61993-2, IEC 61097-14 Ed. 1.0, IMO MSC.246(83) resolution, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping requirements

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